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See other articles in PMC that cite the published article.

Because women encounter this form of sexual coercion Milf dating in Death valley the context of relationships and situations that they p will follow normative expectations e.

Research over the last decade has demonstrated the high prevalence of sexual violence in dating. Because of the high prevalence of sexual coercion perpetrated by acquaintances, preventing coercion by dating partners is receiving increased attention.

Although acts of sexual coercion remain the responsibility of the perpetrator, effective individual resistance can be key to preventing victimization. However, little attention has been paid to the way that women develop responses to sexual coercion. More generally, researchers Horney Baie Comeau girls not attempted to unify disparate findings from many different types of influences into a coherent theoretical structure.

This model incorporates findings related to normative developmental learning, cognitive mediation, and coping processes in general, in addition to findings specifically related to sexual victimization by acquaintances and dating partners.

The term dating refers to the continuum of courtship and relationship development from first social encounter to premarital intimate relationship. It is important to note that the preponderance of research to date—and thus the work that we are drawing upon in this conceptual formulation—is largely based on samples of White, middle-class, young women.

The cognitive appraisal processes that are posited here as serving important mediating roles would not be expected to differ as a function of factors such as race or Tall Bozeman Montana guy horny in status.

However, the content or qualitative nature of cognitive factors such as knowledge, beliefs, and expectations and of social variables such as peer norms and patterns of socializing may well be shaped by these differences. The principle of ecology is Saskatchewan swingers on a view of reciprocal deterministic relations between persons and their environments and of interdependence among multiple systems in which smaller units are embedded within and influenced by larger ones.

Part of the utility in operationalizing an ecological framework is that it distinguishes multiple levels and forms of influence. This specification, in turn, provides theoretical guides for hypothesizing the relative effects of a potentially large set of predictor variables as well as indicating multiple levels and opportunities for prevention interventions see Figure 1. Lady looking casual sex McNary