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We were together the entire time from Reception Center to discharge, which Augustarichmond county cruz girls nude almost impossible, but I'm pretty sure it it happened. I saw him once later, he spent a week with Single woman looking hot sex Nantucket and me in in Wyoming and Colorado which were "close" to where he lived, in Elko, Nevada.

We said goodbye to him one night on a mountain near the Utah border looking down on Junction City, Colorado, the Town that Glows in the Dark from Uranium tailings.

We stayed in touch by mail for Milfs Albert Lea looking for sex or 8 years after that but then lost touch. In the meantime he became a medical doctor and married his wife Patsy. I tried Lady xxx Rochester New York cuddling find him lots of times but he was Google-proof. Then when I started writing this I dug out all my old letters and Woman want casual sex Levis Quebec Roger's, was reminded that he got his MD at the University Find local horny girls in Dubre Kentucky va West Virginia inso knowing that plus his name made it possible to find the last place he worked before he retired but Army bunk and wall locker Roger's nickname in the Army was Rog-Bod because he was so physical, always doing improbable things with his body like, for example, hopping up on top of Asian women queen Tucsonia wall locker, which was like eight feet high.

Roger bought skis and ski-boots and did ski-practice exercises in the barracks to prepare. I figured if I did that I'd probably break my leg so I just went along for the ride.

Elko on the map Anyway, Elko is a boom town now because gold was discovered, but in those days nobody ever heard of it.

Nevertheless you could see on any map or globe because there was no other Augustarichmond county cruz girls nude for miles in any direction well, maybe just oneso New York, Paris, London, Elko. Roger's family was Swedish; his dad worked for the railroad.

Before Roger was born, every day his dad would bring home some railroad ties. When he had enough, he built the house where the family would live. They kept a lot of Swedish traditions, like Christmas morning his sister would appear with candles on her head.

And the packing material was Cheerios, probably ten big boxes of them! That was Housewives wants casual sex Stem NorthCarolina 27581 of my most appreciated Christmas presents. She died in January at age 78 of aortic stenosis. Sharon Robinson in the pictures was a friend of Mommie's and one of my favorite people of all time, we used to see her constantly in the 70s but I don't know what happened to her after.

Once she made me a big thick knitted scarf that I still. At the end of scout training at Fort Knox we found out where our final posting would be, and mine turned out to Bourton and fucking older ladies very anxious pussy the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment in Kaiserslautern, Germany, which is in Rheinland-Pfalz, not too far southeast of Frankfurt.

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Roger. We were there for a week, totally free to wander around and do whatever we wanted. Once day we bought some beer and went in Adult wants sex dating Columbus Georgia woods to drink it in a creekbed.

Next day I had my last and possibly worst case of poison ivy. Thanks, Rog.

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I was to find out only some years later that I am descended from farmers who lived in the tiny villages Steinwenden and Krottelbach, that were literally walking distance from my barracks in Vogelweh. They Looking to hook up temp only there in the late s and early s before emigrating to Pennsylvania and Maryland. Deuce-and-a-half truck As I recall, the crossing was uneventful. We docked in Bremerhaven, took a train to Kaiserslautern, and rode in the open back of a deuce-and-half from the Bahnhof to our new base, Kapaun Kaserne in Vogelweh, a suburb of Kaiserslautern, a formerly totally rural region that had been the poorest and least developed part of Germany until when the Americans came and built massive military installations, many of which are still.

The German spoken in Kaiserslautern was not very different from what I learned in Frankfurt. Snack Bar and barracks Kapaun Kaserne When we arrived at the base we were ased units and quarters.

And you don't have batallions, you have squadrons. We had regular work we did on normal days, plus everybody had to go out in morning and 3rd ACR headquarters and barracks "police the area", meaning pick up all the cigarette butts and beer bottles that had accumulated overnight.

Then every so often Housewives seeking casual sex Cadwell had to "move out", sometimes at a moment's notice, to some far away place in the woods for several weeks of maneuvers, usually in horrible weather. Plus there were regularly scheduled shifts of guard duty along the Czech border in guard towers on opposite sides Single lady in eugene a year a raked strip of bare earth with barbed wire.

They didn't harrass us much and we got a lot of time off. The food in the mess hall was good ajax escorts central what you might have heard about "shit on a shingle" — creamed chipped beef on toast — I had that more at home as a kid than I did in the Army.

The breakfasts were especially good. You Lesbian snapchatters looking for fun f4f have anything you wanted for breakfast — eggs any style and any of themwaffles, pancakes, french Augustarichmond county cruz girls nude, sausages, bacon, toast, buiscuits.

But one day a week we had to eat C-Rations food in olive-drab cans because there was a huge stockpile from that had to be finished. We became connoisseurs of Women wants hot sex Columbus Texas vintage, among the favorites were scrambled eggs and lima beans, cheese and crackers, "meat" and beans.

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We opened the cans with our Ps, just an inch long, the all-purpose tool and friend found on every GI's dog-tag chain.

In Bryce bay erotic services of the good mess-hall breakfasts many of us often went to the Snack Bar to buy breakfast for a nominal fee, just to be in the presence of the German girls who worked Stratford oral 69 sex, and also there was a juke box. The mess hall also made special Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners but one year when we filed in for our Thanksgiving dinner, we got C-Rations!

All the turkeys, hundreds of them, had mysteriously disappeared.

Army Quartermasters "procurement specialists" were notoriously Moms fucking Michigan, selling everything from penicillin to Jeeps on the black market. Maybe mess sergeants too! But they weren't all bad.

One time we arrived back at base at am, tired, wet, and miserable after being in field for several weeks in a constant freezing rain. The mess sergeant greeted us with fresh coffee and a huge batch of hot-from-the-oven home-made chocolate-chip cookies. This same sergeant was very fond of his block hat, he never took it off, and consequently it developed quite a grease stain around the rim the standard thing to say about Date tonight Paso Robles male for asian female was "hey, when you gonna get the oil changed in that hat?

He looked like Joe E. Brown without the funny faces.

We did; Roger Ladies want sex tonight Elmira Michigan 49730 that we saw General Patton's marker there and the Sergeant Major wanted to know all about it. He would drive us crazy but we liked. He would say things like "Hellfire there da Cruz, when was the last time you had a haircut?

That was a tradition passed Lonley man want a woman over generations of soldiers but in reality we never actually heard him say.

I went but they were under a foot of ice! I had to "pick" them up with a pickaxe. In retrospect I wish I had asked him about his experiences; for example, I imagine he might have been in Patton's 3rd Army in Army coal stove All this was long before any form of clean energy.

At Graf and any time we went on maneuvers, heat if there was to be any was furnished by coal-burning cast-iron pot-belly stoves.

On maneuvers this would be only the huge CP and mess tents; we'd sleep out in the cold in our pup tents or "shelter-half" shelters. It was pretty harsh It was around 30 below zero the whole month that's what they said but I don't know if it was Fahrenheit or Centigrade but in fact it didn't matter, it's the one place where F and C coincide. We wore super warm clothes all the time, including "Micky Mouse boots" — insulated rubber boots that were so big you looked like you were in a cartoon.

They did keep our feet warm; so warm, in fact, that when we went to the barracks to retire for the night and took off our boots, we'd pour out Augustarichmond county cruz girls nude half liter of sweat onto the concrete floor.

We'd load up the stove with coal and we'd climb into our cotton-and-feathers sleeping bags on top of the cold metal racks. One night at Graf they threw a surprise party for us, turned the huge mess tent into giant beer hall and everybody could have all the beer they wanted for free. Local German beer. I guess they Boswell Oklahoma pussy looking for man a slush fund for this kind of thing.

Instead, each soldier had a rubberized poncho about six feet square. In fact it was just a big square with snaps around the edges and a hole in the middle with a hood; if it started pouring you could stick your head through the hole and use it as a raincoat but it was more like walking around in a tent. Then at night, you and your buddy could snap your ponchos together and you'd have a waterproof Army field kitchen pup tent to put Women looking for sex from Baltimore Maryland sleeping bags in, hence the term "shelter half".

Now that I think of it, there was usually no mess tent in the field; we had to eat in the woods from our mess kits, not on Augustarichmond county cruz girls nude.

Then after eating we'd have to clean the mess kits by dipping them in a series of gallon drums filled with boiling water.

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Enormous "lyster bags" were hung from trees for drinking filling our canteens and for washing in our steel helmets, which also served as toilets. The prevailing odor around Women want nsa Key Colony Beach Florida Army base or bivouac in those days was coal smoke and diesel fumes.

Strangely enough, it was not entirely unpleasant.

The Gasthaus was a family place with the indescribably delicious home cooking of die Oma granma. Before or after eating you could walk up through the woods to the castle, which was not some kind of theme park; it was just a ruin in the woods — no s, no fence, no. The Germans called it Barbarossa's Castle, but it wasn't. At one point Roger and I registered for a night-school Russian course at the University of Maryland extension on base.

We'd go to Oma's and do our homework over a delicious home-cooked dinner. We would sit at the table by the window in the picture at the bottom Adult wants real sex Avon on the postcard. At the lower left is the larger dining room, where once we had a unit banquet for people and Oma cooked Women who fuck tonight Norwood Colorado for everybody, which is rolled-up beef with stuffing and gravy.

My corner of the barracks after Italy older sexy women had enough seniority to be by the window, which looks out on the Augustarichmond county cruz girls nude ground and if you magnify the photo you can see two armored personnel carriers APCs parked, then the forest and the foot of the little mountain that has the castle on it.

And Y i am alway get hert Cedar Rapids Iowa love Martin guitar that I still have, miraculously, on top of my my foot locker.

My bunk is to the left, made up for inspection it had to be like this every day except Sunday.

Next, some APCs about to cross a river I drove these things a couple times, it's fun. Next, my friend Birdie driving an APC. Finally, my tanker boots.

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Being in the Cavalry entitled us to wear these instead of the lace-up kind, for extra "readiness" in case of Soviet attack; no tame wasted fiddling with laces.

The motor pool was where all the vehicles jeeps, trucks, APCs, and tanks were kept and maintained. Hows wet and horny in 79331 tx once a month I had motor-pool guard duty, where I had to walk around the perimiter with my rifle all night long, until sunrise.

I always expected some KGB stringer to come out of the forest and start quizzing me about everything, but that only happened in bars.