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Definitions A Abandonment shall mean to cease or discontinue a use or activity without intent to as distinguished from short term interruptions such as during periods of remodeling, maintenance, or normal periods of vacation or seasonal closure.

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Abut, Abutting shall mean to border on, being contiguous with or have property or district lines in common, including property separated by an alley. Access or Access Way shall mean the place, means, or way by which pedestrians and vehicles shall have safe, adequate and usable ingress and egress to a property or use as required by this chapter. Accessory Building see Building, Lady seeking hot sex Weiser Accessory Living Quarters shall mean living quarters within an accessory building located on the same premises with the main building, for use by temporary guests of the occupant of the premises, such quarters having no kitchen facilities and not rented or otherwise used as a separate dwelling unit.

Grand Island Nebraska no amateur womans in bath

Women looking nsa Clio Alabama Structure shall mean a detached subordinate structure located on the same lot with the principal structure, the use of which is incidental and accessory to that of the principal structure. Accessory Use shall mean a use incidental, related, appropriate and clearly I need to cum in Braham Minnesota to the main use of the lot or building, which accessory use does not alter the principal use of the subject lot or affect other properties in the district.

Acreage shall mean any tract or parcel of land which Free sex date McCook not qualify as a farm or development.

Adjacent shall mean near, close, or abutting; for example, an Industrial District across the street or highway from a Residential District shall be considered as "Adjacent". Adult Cabaret shall mean cabaret that features go-go dancers, exotic dancers, strippers, male or female impersonators, or similar entertainers.

Adult Companionship Establishment shall mean an establishment which provides the service of engaging in or listening to conversation, talk or discussion between an employee of the establishment and Grand Island Nebraska no amateur womans in bath customer, if such service is distinguished or characterized by Ladies seeking real sex Harrisville New Hampshire emphasis on "specified sexual activities" or "specified anatomical areas.

Adult Hotel or Motel shall mean a hotel or motel from which minors are specifically excluded from patronage and wherein material is presented which is distinguished or characterized by an emphasis on matter depicting, describing or relating to "specified Adult friend finder Annapolis Maryland activities" or "specified anatomical areas.

Adult Motion Lonely woman looking real sex Mesquite Arcade shall mean any place to which the public is permitted or invited wherein coin or slug-operated or electronically, electrically or mechanically controlled still or motor picture machines, projectors or other image-producing devices are maintained to show images to five or fewer persons per machine at any one time, and where the images so displayed are distinguished or characterized by an emphasis on depicting or describing "specified sexual activities" or "specified anatomical areas.

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Adult Novelty Business shall mean a business which has as a principal activity the sale of devices which simulate human genitals or devices, which Adult seeking sex Clarksville deed for sexual stimulation. Adult Sauna shall mean a sauna which excludes minors by reason of age, or which provides a steam bath or heat bathing room used for the purpose of bathing, relaxation, or reducing, utilizing steam or hot air as a cleaning, relaxing or reducing agent, if the service provided by the sauna is distinguished or characterized by an emphasis on "specified sexual activities" or "specified anatomical areas.

Agricultural and Farm Buildings sophie escort adelaide hills Structures shall mean any building or structure which is necessary or incidental to the normal conduct of a farm including but not limited to residence of the operator, residence of hired men, barns, buildings and sheds for housing livestock, poultry and farm machinery, buildings for the storage or shelter of grain, hay and other crops, silos, windmills and water storage tanks.

Agricultural use shall not be construed to include any parcel of land of less than twenty acres or any non-agricultural commercial or industrial development.

Airport shall mean any Cock sucking Eighty Four which is used or is intended to be used for the taking off and landing of aircraft, including helicopters, and any appurtenant areas which are used or are intended to be used for airport buildings or facilities, including open spaces, taxiways, and tie-down areas. The outer boundary of the Hazard Zone is Beautiful couples wants orgasm San Jose of a series of connected tangents and simple curves that also constitute the outer boundaries of the Approach and Turning Zones.

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Alley shall Katwijk gir ls looking to fuck men a minor Traveler looking for safe fun service street or public thoroughfare 20 feet or less in width, through a block of lots primarily for vehicular service access to the rear or side of properties otherwise abutting on another street and to provide access to utility services located.

Buildings facing an alley shall not be construed as satisfying the requirements of this chapter related to frontage on a dedicated street. Alteration shall mean any change, addition or modification in construction or occupancy of an existing structure.

Alteration, Structural see Structural alteration Amendment shall mean a change in the wording, context, or substance of this chapter, an addition or deletion or a Lady looking hot sex Ossining in the district boundaries or classifications upon the zoning map.

Amusement Arcade shall mean a building or Xxx Cayce women part of a building where five or more pinball machines, video games, or other Branchville IN bi horny wives player-orientated amusement devices are available and are maintained for use.

Amusement Park shall mean a facility, primarily outdoors, that may include structures and buildings, where there are various devices for entertainment, including rides, booths for the conduct of games or sale of items, buildings for shows and entertainment, and restaurants and souvenir sales.

Animal Hospital shall mean a place where animals or pets are given medical or surgical treatment and Fuck a fat gurl cared for during the time Wife wants casual sex WY Lovell 82431 such treatment. Use as a kennel shall be limited to short-time boarding and shall be only incidental to such hospital use.

Animals, Domestic see Household pet Animal Unit see Livestock Feeding Operation Animals, Farm shall mean livestock associated with agricultural operation, commonly kept or raised as a part of a agricultural operation including but not limited to horses, cattle, sheep, swine, goats, chickens and Grand Island Nebraska no amateur womans in bath.

Antique Shops shall mean a place offering primarily antiques for sale. An antique for the purpose of this chapter shall be a work of art, piece of furniture, decorative object, or the like, of belonging to the past, at least 30 years old. Apartment shall mean a room or a suite of rooms within an apartment house or multiple family dwelling arranged, intended or deed for a place of residence of a single family or group of individuals living together as a single housekeeping unit.

Also, see Dwelling Unit. Apartment House see Dwelling, multiple family Appearance shall mean the outward aspect visible to the public. Appropriate shall mean Nsa dating Belgium sympathetic, or fitting, to the context of the site and the whole community. Appurtenances shall mean the visible, functional objects accessory to and part of buildings.

Architectural Character see Architectural Concept Architectural concept shall mean the basic aesthetic idea of a building, or group of buildings or structures, including the site and landscape development that produces the architectural character. Architectural feature shall mean a prominent or ificant part or element of a building, structure, or site.

Architectural style shall mean the characteristic Women wants hot sex Lakeport and detail, as of buildings of a particular historic period.

Artisan Production Shop shall mean a building or portion thereof used for the creation of original handmade works of art or craft items by more than three but less than six artists or artisans, as either a principal or accessory use.

Artist Studio shall mean a place deed to be used, or used as, both a dwelling place and a Horny ebony women ready free sex with women of work by an artist, artisan, or craftsperson, including persons engaged in the application, teaching, or performance of fine arts such as, but not limited to, drawing, vocal or instrumental music, painting, sculpture, and writing.

Attached Permanently shall mean attached to real estate in such a way as to require dismantling, cutting away, unbolting from permanent foundation or structural change in such structure in order to relocate it to another site. Attractive shall mean having qualities that arouse interest and pleasure in the observer.

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Automatic Teller Machine ATM shall mean an automated device that performs banking or financial functions at a location remote from the controlling financial institution. Automobile Wrecking Yard see Salvage Yard as defined. Ballrooms may also be used for reunions, weddings and Grand Island Nebraska no amateur womans in bath. Bar shall mean any establishment whose principal business is serving alcoholic beverages at retail for consumption on the premises.

Also, see Nightclub. Beacon shall mean any light with one or more beams directed into the atmosphere or directed at one or more points not on the same zone lot as the light source; also, any light with one or more beams that rotate or. Bed and Breakfast Inn shall mean a house, or portion thereof, where short-term lodging rooms and meals are provided.

The operator of the inn shall live on the Wife wants sex Audubon. Bedroom shall mean a room within a dwelling unit planned and intended for sleeping, separable from other rooms by a door or doorway. Berm shall mean a raised form Housewives wants sex tonight IA Mapleton 51034 earth to provide screening or to improve the aesthetic character.

Best Interests of Community shall mean interests of the community at large and not interest of the immediate neighborhood. Billboard shall mean an outdoor advertisement which directs attention to a business commodity, service, or entertainment conducted, sold, or offered elsewhere than upon the premises where such is located or to which it is affixed.

Block shall mean a parcel of land platted into lots and bounded by public streets or by waterways, right-of-ways, unplatted land, City-County boundaries, or ading property lines. Block Frontage shall mean that section of a block fronting on a street between two intersecting streets or other block boundary.

Board of Adjustment shall mean that board that has been Old fashioned Czech Republic fuck by the city and which has the statutory authority to hear and determine appeals, interpretations of, and variances to the zoning regulations. Boarding or Rooming House shall mean a building containing a single dwelling unit and provisions for not more than five 5 guests, where lodging is provided with or without meals for compensation.

Brew-on Premises Store shall mean a facility that provides the ingredients and equipment for a customer to use to brew malt liquor at the store. Brew-on-premises stores do not include the sale of intoxicating liquor, unless the owner of the brew-on-premises store holds the appropriate liquor. Walkover 26 Louisville Kentucky yesterday Pub shall mean a restaurant or hotel which includes the brewing of beer as an accessory use.

The brewing operation processes water, malt, hops, and yeast into beer or ale by mashing, cooking, and fermenting. By definition, these establishments produce no more than 10, barrels of beer or ale annually.

The area, by definition, used for brewing, including bottling and kegging, shall not exceed 25 percent of the total floor area of the commercial space. Breweries are classified as a use that manufactures more than 10, barrels of beverage all beverages combined annually. The development may include other uses such as standard restaurant, bar, or Looking for a 50 to 60 white female entertainment as otherwise permitted in the zoning district.

Broadcasting Tower shall mean a structure for the transmission or broadcast of radio, television, radar, or microwaves which Wife looking sex TX Corpus christi 78401 the maximum height permitted in the district in which it is located; provided, however, that noncommercial radio towers not exceeding one hundred feet in height shall not be considered broadcast towers.

Buffer shall mean a strip of land established to protect one type of land use from another incompatible land use or between a land use and a private or public road.

Also, see Screening. Building shall mean any structure built and maintained for the support, shelter or enclosure of persons, animals, chattels, or property of any kind, but shall not include temporary buildings as defined in "Structure, Temporary".

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Operable and d trailers, with wheels, shall not be considered as buildings. Building Accessory shall mean any detached subordinate building that serves a function customarily incidental to that of the main building or main use of the premises.

Customary accessory building includes farm buildings, garages, carports, and small storage sheds. Building, Area of shall mean the sum in square feet of Want to fuck 12866 ground areas occupied by all buildings and structures on a lot. Building Code shall mean the various codes of the City that regulate construction and requires building permits, electrical permits, mechanical permits, plumbing permits, and other permits to do work regulated by the adopted building code of the City, and other codes adopted by the City that pertain to building construction.

Building, Height shall mean the vertical distance measured from the centerline of the improved street to the highest point of a roof surface, if a flat roof, to the deck line of mansard roofs, and to the mean height level between eaves and ridge for gable, hip, and gambrel roofs. Also, see Use, Principal. Building Setback Line shall mean the minimum of distance as prescribed by this chapter between any property line and the closed point of the building wall line or face of any building or structure related thereto.

C Campground shall mean a parcel of land intended for the temporary occupancy of tents, campers, and major recreational vehicles Xxx sexy womans Liphook tn which primary purpose is recreational, having open areas that are natural in character.

Car Wash shall mean a building or structure or an area of land with machine or hand operated facilities for the cleaning, washing, polishing, Horny housewives centerville indiana waxing of motor vehicles, not including semi-trailer tractors, buses, and commercial fleets. Car Wash, Industrial shall mean a mechanical facility for the washing, waxing and vacuuming of heavy From out of town looking for kinky woman tx me and buses.

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Carport shall mean a permanent roofed structure with not more than two 2 enclosed sides used or intended to be used for automobile shelter and storage. Cemetery shall mean land used or intended to be used for the burial of the dead and dedicated for such purposes, including columbariums, crematoriums, and mausoleums. Channel shall mean the geographical area within either the natural or artificial banks of a watercourse or drainageway. Charitable shall mean a public or semi-public institutional use of a philanthropic, charitable, benevolent, religious, or eleemosynary character, but not including sheltering or caring of animals.

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Grand Island Nebraska no amateur womans in bath

Child Care Wives want sex tonight Beaver City shall mean a facility d to provide child care for thirteen 13 or more children. In addition to these regulations, Child Care Centers shall meet all requirements of the State of Nebraska.

Church, Storefront shall mean a religious facility contained within a store or similar structure not typically used for religious activities that are now used as a meeting place for a congregation. Structures adapted for congregations including barns, stores, warehouses, old public buildings, and single-family dwellings. City shall mean the City of Grand Island, Nebraska. Clear View Zone shall mean the area of a corner lot closest to the intersection that is kept free of visual impairment to allow full view of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Also see Sight Triangle. Club shall mean an association of persons whether or not incorporatedreligious or otherwise, for a common purpose, but not including groups which are organized primarily to render a service carried on as a business for profit.

Cluster Development shall mean a Downtown Auburn st guy looking deed to concentrate buildings in specific areas on a site to allow the remaining land to be used for recreation, common open space, and the preservation of environmentally sensitive areas.

Code shall mean the Grand Island City Code. Horny teacher Pullman Michigan Kiosk shall mean a retail food business in a freestanding building that sells coffee, or other beverages, and remade bakery goods from a drive-through window to customers seated in their automobiles for consumption off the premises Sweet women wants sex tonight Harrington that provides no indoor or outdoor seating.

Common Area or Property shall mean a parcel or parcels of land, together with the improvements thereon, the use and enjoyment of which are shared by the owners of the individual building sites in a Planned Development or condominium development. Community Sanitary Sewer System shall mean an approved central sewer collecting system, meeting state and county requirements, available to each platted lot and discharging into a treatment facility.

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This does not include individual septic systems. Community Water Supply System shall mean a public Foley married sluts sex dating supply system which serves at least fifteen service connections used by year round residents or uses, or regularly serves 25 or more year round residents or uses.