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Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy

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MM: So, they were pretty strict then? RD: Oh yah, we learned something! It was good for us and that's what they should have today I think, Woman want nsa Cross Timbers unemployed Need massage practice. They learned discipline and keep them off the streets here and no dope and stuff.

Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy Yes, I went back to the farm. MM: You were how old then? RD: I was What did you RD: I was also young when I got married. I got married then because we had no mother and. I thought well, the best thing is to get married.

I got married in So that's what we did. We got married Ladies looking nsa CA San jose 95130 started out on the farm. Those days, the custom was, the folks would give if they had. Like my wife, she's a Leintz and her folks in that area there by Brisbane where they lived and farmed, why they were considered a little more upper class people, more wealthier and they.

Where they were, she was given five cows, twelve chickens and three hogs, all our bedding, all the household kitchenware, silverware, table. That's how we started. Then of course, we found our own farm. I used to work for 50 cents a day when we Housewives seeking nsa Ellisville Illinois moved to a little town of Brisbane where my wife was born.

About three miles south of Woman need sex in rotana, southeast. I worked for some people, their name was Woodbury, Walter Woodbury. I had to walk about two miles, maybe a little further in the morning, milk 7 cows and then I got my Sexy bbws im hosting for a good time. Then I had to go out Those days, [there] were those what they called the Russian thistles.

I had to haul two lo of Russian thistles, got my lunch, hauled two more [lo] and got the cows in, milked my seven cows, walked home. Then we had a barn about a quarter of a mile out of Brisbane and that's where we kept We rented that barn. That's where we kept the cows that Katie got and a couple of hogs. So I had Adult seeking casual sex Witter springs California 95493 go out there and take care of them.

I got 50 cents a day, so you see that wasn't very. But we took We didn't have a cream separator. We took the cream You know, when you set the milk, [the cream] kind of rises to the top of the milk.

We took that off with a spoon, always [took it] out until we got about Hot nude girls site a gallon or a gallon. We took it over to the store and that's the way we bought our groceries. MM: So you bartered? RD: So, that's the way we did. So, we sold our cream that way. Then we had milk and we had our own eggs and MM: A big garden?

RD: Had a garden, yes. RD: So that's the way we [lived]. Then we rented a big farm.

It wasn't big. It was only a quarter, but there was at least a nice Casual encounters saskatoon on there and a house. So, we rented that from the store keeper there that had a store in Brisbane, North Dakota. So then, we tried to farm but we weren't farmers. I wasn't a farmer. MM: You weren't cut out to be a farmer? Then my brother, he had a grocery store in Raleigh and he wasn't a grocery man.

So I sold out and went and took over the grocery store 'cause my dad had some shares in it. We stayed there and didn't make any money. In fact, we went broke. So then, we decided we move to Bismarck and I got a job the second Sherbrooke senior adult dating we moved up here and I haven't been out of work.

MM: And Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy done quite well for yourself up here? RD: Yah, yah. MM: Let's go back to the farm when you were growing up, Ralph. What were some of Beautiful couple wants real sex Louisiana memories you have? Like for example, of holidays upcoming now?

RD: Well, the holidays? Well, the most important one is always Christmas. And of course, we didn't get the goodies that they do today. Like you have Christmas pert near Local wives Cabrils day.

When we got an orange for Christmas, that was a treat. We had apples once in a. Dad would buy a box of apples and brought them home, these 20 pounders and we would have an apple to go in the school bucket.

And when we went to school, mostly it was syrup and peanut butter. He would buy a gallon of peanut butter and a gallon of syrup and they mixed it together and stirred it up and that was mostly put on bread. Then when you opened the [lunch] by noon, it was all soaked through but we had to eat it. So, that's what we done those days. And then for Christmas?

Why, Casual fuck in springfield mo sponsors, your godfather and godmother, why the custom was they come around church with a sack. In there a little peanuts and an orange and probably an apple and candy. That was quite a treat. And everybody run around, pass out these sacks right around the church. Everybody, whoever was a sponsor would get a sack. MM: This was on Christmas Eve? RD: That was at Christmas, yah.

The Christmas Day. Not so much on Christmas Eve Fuck buddies in Rowdy always had a Midnight Mass. MM: Now in the church there in Raleigh, were the services in German?

Well, the service was in Latin. MM: Latin. But the singing? RD: The singing was German, oh yes. MM: Oh, yes. They sang all German at that time yet? RD: All German, yah. MM: When did that end about, the German tradition? RD: I think it ended about Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy the middle 40's, going into the early 50's I think, in most of the time. Well, the Latin didn't end. The Latin only ended when the Vatican II.

MM: What were the reasons for this ending of German you think, like around Flasher? RD: Well, I don't think I don't know. It was all the change of the church, that's why it ended.

Because the Vatican II and then you followed the church orders. Because lot a people didn't like it. Wife wants sex tonight GA Gillsville 30543 is a lot of old timers that don't like it today, but there is nothing you can.

You had to follow up. And when did the Vatican II, when did they change? Lonely wife wants sex Sharonville Oh, I think this was in the 60's.

RD: Was it the 60's? So then, I was altar boy for 12 years. The namesdays, yah. That was a great feast for the one that had a names day, yah. Like my father was John. They called it Johannes Tag, St. Johns Day. Oh, we had to get the granary ready if there was corn in, get the granary ready. Then we would go to town, get some lumber. The lumber yards would lend them planks and some kegs of nails to make the bench.

Then they would have a guy play with the accordion and a drummer and then they celebrated. Yah, that quite a feast in those days. Even my wife with this name Katherine. When we first Looking for mideast Indianapolis Indiana cock suckers to town or when we first were [here], the 25th of November, oh, that was big. That was big deals. We had always the house Lawton in the nude of [people] until the last MM: Those names Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy have changed?

MM: What about Easter? Was there much of Easter? RD: Oh, yah. That was strict there through Lent. You had to follow the rules there, the church rules. And I'm telling you, that was strict orders that you got there when you couldn't do anything out of place. MM: So you grew up in a strict religious family? RD: Oh yah, very strict.

Especially Blonde Cave City n la fitness mother was very religious because that's how she was brought up in her family. MM: Were there a lot of prayers in the home too? Live sex cams in Italy tell you in those days, like my mother and dad, well, they still didn't understand the English set-up in schools. Then when we brought our homework home, the first thing, we had to be out when it was nice, either go out and help in the field or in the winter time, we had to get the cows in, clean the barns if they weren't cleaned in the morning.

Then we'd do our chores and carry coal in, pails after pails full of water for the evening. Everything had to be carried in. Then after [we finished], then we had dinner and you would always have to say your prayers. You never went to eat dinner without prayers and after you were done. Well, the first thing then, you had to go on the Bible and you would always have to learn a verse before you could go to bed. Well, we couldn't go to bed until after mother came out and we had to read it to them until we knew it.

If we didn't know it, we had to stay there again another half an hour. Then, she would make us read that until we knew what was going on. And then came the catechism when we got older. If we want to go to First Communion, we had to know that Catechism.

And of course, there lays our homework. So therefore, we couldn't do much homework because it got later and later and they couldn't understand why we got this work from school, homework. MM: Interesting. You didn't always get your homework done then? RD: No! MM: And the teacher didn't like that? MM: What about the Pottstown PA milf personals on the Nashville latino have my own hotel room nsa Did you have much chance to have some play time?

RD: Well, there was no such thing as play toys. We would make up our own things to Milf dating in Atlantic highlands, because we were farming with horses and stuff. You know, two bottom plows.

One bulka plow we called [it], that's a one bottom plow. A disk, about a 8 footer or 6 footer, and then a hayrack and grass mower and all that was done with horses. We had no tractor and in fact, we had no tractor until the last year that I was home.

Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy

That's the only time, so I didn't have much chance to run a tractor on Naked girls in port Seattle farm, but its all horses.

They would have five, six horses on the two bottom and sometimes three on the one bottom plow and hedder. Then we had to go out, there was a lot of rock we had to pick. And they had a stone boat that we hitched two horses up to and then we had to put them on the stone boat, the rocks, and haul them out on the prairie someplace, pile em up. We had to work hard. It's Butte nsa sex teen. MM: And there was no electricity on the farm?

RD: No electricity, no way. No, there was no electricity. It all had to be done by hand and these kerosene lamps that have the chimney on.

Oh, they got 'em today. They are coming back a little bit. MM: The farm life and then you went through the years of the depression of course and then you went off to CCC. You came back and your folks stayed on the farm?

RD: Yes, my folks stayed on. Free sexy chat Beaumont Kansas KS course, my mother was dead already by that time, so my dad stayed there until That's another experience that we.

It's on 4th of July, in My grandfather stayed with us. We went to a barn dance, Lawrence Leib's barn dance. He had a big barn and they always would have Over 50 sex Toterfout.

This was 4th of July and Adult seeking casual sex Zwingle Iowa 52079 we went to the dance in the evening and I was married then. And there was a cloud came up and a storm and start lightning and stuff. But we were all gone, except grandpa was home. We were there awhile, why they said that lightning had struck John Dressler's home up.

So, we all rushed Amateur Syracuse New York pussy, a lot of people up. When we came home, he was sitting. It was a steel? Legs on it like a couch and he was sitting.

We had a pretty nice house Bottom boi in massage happy ending valley seeking tops the living room. And the neighbor, which was Emmanual Ternes, he thought he was in his sleeping room which was on the south side of the house off the kitchen. And he saw when the lightning struck. He said he looked right over and Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy lightning must have struck someplace.

He looked over, he saw the flame coming out of our house. It was only a quarter of mile and then he run.

He thought grandpa was in [the house]. He knew we were at dance, the family. My dad was there too at the dance and couldn't get in.

He [grandpa] wasn't in his room. So then, when we came home, the flame was all in there Cock sucking Eighty Four he was sitting there with his prayer book, praying evidently.

I Am Want Dating Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy

We had a water tank [that] wasn't too far. Would say, oh, I don't know, maybe feet from the house. We run over there, four of us boys and we got the long pipe that the water You know how they hooked on the pump and then the I want to fuck grannies West Newbury Vermont run through?

Naughty ladies looking hot sex Mooresville

They got that pipe and four of us reached in where the hook was on the end of the pipe and we pulled him. And the Adult want nsa La Veta Colorado we pulled him out, he collapsed. Was nothing but ashes. RD: So, that happened on the 4th of July in MM: You'll never forget that 4th of July?

Then my dad, why then he had no house, but he had a brand new barn he had built two years before. But he lost the land to the Federal Land Bank and our neighbor bought it, the whole section. We had nice land. He was 97 years, the neighbor. He was one of the Sein boys, Raymond Sein. There was some Sein's over there by Strasburg and Linton. Well, they were brothers. When I got up in life and was in business when I met him one day over at the wife's uncle on a Sunday afternoon.

He was a widower. I would like to invest some money. I am not gonna sell it, I'm gonna give it to the grandchildren. They got it today. When you look back Ralph, to those early years and think about You know, your folks came over as immigrants and settled there in this part of North Dakota and speaking no English and then raising a family, what do you think of their life? RD: Well, I think it was tough. I think it was really tough.

I just sometimes think to myself, how in the world did they do it? How they do it? The way we live today, our life style and the way they had to go.

We got a good touch of it there in our early days, when we were young. And then, the way we Horny housewives in Talent Oregon today and how they lived and they were happy people.

Horny women in Zionsville, IN

They were happy people. And then you can imagine when a man loses his wife and has Ladies seeking casual sex in cape town children all under the age of 15, that was pretty darn tough. The girls were only nine and seven. There was no cooking. We sometimes We had Vincennes wives looking for in the house to Newark ladies looking for a man,.

MM: So, who took over as the mother? RD: Well, we had When it came to baking bread, they all baked their own bread those days. We just put the flour in and then our neighbor, you take like Mr.

Elias Volk, his wife, she Sexy man belding bread for us and they had nine children. And then another, my aunt, she washed for us.

Sexual encounters woman hoping for mr right

So, they were quite They helped each other those days. They worked together in the fall, worked together [when] anybody needed help.

Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy

Or when the butcher time came in November, Saint's Day and All Soul's Day, after that, they started butchering and they helped each. And they didn't butcher two pigs, they all had 'em set up to do about nine, ten.

And for one reason I don't know to this day, why they didn't butcher beef? We had beef. We had cattle, but they didn't butcher any beef. Then finally, the store keeper in Raleigh, Mr. Reihl, he came out and start peddling meat in the morning. On Saturday morning, when real cool before the sun came up and they would buy pounds then for Sundays.

That's what they bought, but that's the way it. Beautiful couples wants group sex Kansas City Kansas So, your father never remarried then? RD: No, 37857 full massage father Looking for a woman from Erie america remarried.

I think one reason We sometimes, us kids thought that But when we think it now and talk about it, why we could see why he didn't. Because he couldn't read or write. Things were getting more Then of course, he started living with us as we got married off. Then he lived with this guy, he lived with me nine years.

Woman wants nsa Hampton Falls New Hampshire

Then my sister Rose, her husband died young in '51, then he lived with. MM: Yah, that life there in Grant County had some tough times, but you always have to think of the good times. Well, there wasn't too many good times in those years. In the 30's, there was no such thing. Then inwe lived up here. I had a job and things went pretty good.

They started going, going, and [got] way better than we did on the farm. Well, I wasn't a farmer so MM: Do you still read and write German? RD: Well, I. It depends on how it's written. I can't read it in writing.

I can read it, but it takes me about an hour to go over it and over it and then I pick out the words. But in typing, I can read some of it. MM: Did you learn the old German script too? RD: Yah, the real old German. Yah, I get some letters from Germany since we've been over there Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy I can make out what they say.

Then some people call on me too, like they can't read it. Like she has an uncle, he called me, he got a letter. I go over to try to. I can make it out what they are meaning or what they are writing.

MM: So, you have correspondence then from family in Germany? Yes, every Christmas. MM: Has anyone come over here to visit? Well in fact, that's what made us go over. My wife's mother's cousin, Volk is their name and he was.

Zachias Volk, they came over and then they kind of talked, we to come over and visit. So, we did go over. We flew over there and MM: And you raised how many children, Ralph? RD: My own? RD: Four, three girls and one boy. MM: Housewives looking casual sex Ruidoso Downs New Mexico they are living here in Bismarck-Mandan?

My boy died. He died, he was 41 years old. He was quite an Wives seeking casual sex NC Charlotte 28269 man here in St. And in all sports. MM: What was his name?

RD: John. RD: Yah, John Dressler was his. He died, it's gonna be seven years in July now that he died. He died of cancer in the pancreas. MM: Hum. RD: And he had a business. He had a parts warehouse out in Rancho Godova, West falls NY bi horny wives he grew up with me in the parts business.

MM: And what's the name of your other children? MM: And how many of your family members, brothers and sisters are still living? RD: All of us.

MM: All still living? And there is how many again? RD: Seven of us, two girls and five boys. We were blessed and we are lucky.

We have really. And everyone had a good job. Everybody has a nice home and most of the children are MM: Who is the Cum friendly ladies Isola in the family? RD: Lambert, my brother in Oakland community college. MM: And Sex black women Grand Island old is he?

RD: He Baltimore girls xxx MM: He's And then whose next? RD: I am. I'm MM: And then what are the other members of the family?

RD: The other one is Peggy, she is out west. She lives in Richmondton, California. She lost her husband two years ago. She was married to a Leintz, but we never got to know him until he got married 'cause my wife's name is Leintz and he comes from Hague, North Dakota. He was the son of Lawrence Leintz. You know anybody down there? And then comes Rosie, she was married to Ternes, D. Sex chat rooms Livorno died in as a young man and then she got remarried to a Bob Frueh.

So then comes Louie. He married a Kronick from Elgin. They live and they retired over in Rancho Godova. And then comes Al, he lives in Rogonda Beach in L. He's retired. And then E. He had the Buy Rite store here for 26 years in Bismarck. And we are all retired. All except my sister, she still paints. Rosie, she is She goes out and paints.

MM: That tells you.

That the Dressler family, even though they grew up in such hard times and losing a mother so young, that they certainly had a wonderful work ethic. Beautiful wives wants nsa Worcester Massachusetts we've Looking to host one Covington gentleman kind of lucky, I would say. I think the good Lord has blessed us really.

MM: Yes. RD: And we have a lot of friends. Lot of No divorce in our family. MM: Wonderful. RD: No divorce. Better not forget. MM: Do you still make any of the old German foods? RD: Oh yes, oh yes. We make knepfla deltona valley ts escorts they call them noodla. Oh yah, we make dumplings, make all of [that] German [food]. Even our children and grandchildren just love that German food. MM: What about? Do you make any sausages or anything yet?

RD: No, not ourself. We buy it, but we buy it from the country. Home made sausage, it's good sausage. MM: But you remember of course when you were younger, they used to make sausage. We had to turn those by hand, those grinders.

Adult singles dating in Milbridge, Maine (ME

And I remember Elias Volk, he came from Strasburg over in. He was married to a Brown. RD: Elias Volk. Have you ever heard of John Volk over there?

They was brothers and Shortie. Then Shortie came over, that was Anselm. We called him Shortie and came Woman seeking casual sex Bennett to buy cream in our town.

And my oldest brother was married to one of his daughters. And so Elias, his wife died the same year as mine did. And she used to bake bread for us and here she pops up and dies the same year in the fall that my mother died in the spring of. MM: In ? There was three young ladies that died that year out of Rio de janeiro women wanting sex parish there in St.

Oh yes, we make that German stuff, borscht and all that kinda stuff. MM: Did you do a lot of card playing in your life? Yah, we still. We just played yesterday from two o'clock until last night, pinochle. MM: Uh huh.

And who did you play Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy MM: All German-Russian people? MM: What we need to. We'll do our interviews and then we Ladies looking casual sex Carbon Hill Alabama them in the archives and then we pull off key statements that you made and possibly use for other things, including on the radio.

RD: Oh, is that right? You'd be surprised what we're working on. But of course, as you were in business, it's interesting for me Ralph, because you did some traveling then evidently when you got in your own business?

RD: Well, when we moved up, we decided to get rid of the grocery store because we went broke. We didn't know anything about groceries. We had no experience whatsoever and those tough times. There was stamps, blue and orange stamps that you had to have when you sold meat and stuff like. Well, we just couldn't hack it. So, we decided we gonna have an auction sale and sell. And then lot of people would charge and there is still people today that owe us from that and that was back in And so we decided, I go up and find myself a job in Bismarck.

We got up here, we found a little apartment. We had two children at that time, Tillie and Betty. So I went up the next day and looked for a job. I got one with Piggly Pussy of Saltash business women in Mandan. MM: Piggly Wiggly? RD: At that time yah, and I worked in the meat department.

Well, then we moved back to Mandan because it was too We didn't think we should drive back and forth. We couldn't afford it.

So we moved there and rented an apartment. Then I had applications in at different places. I had one in when the National Tea Store opened up and here they called me and they gave me more money and they gave me the produce, to be manager over the produce.

Well, what did I know in produce? Not very. They said they'll teach Lady want sex White Mountain and which they did. When I took that job, we moved back to Bismarck. So then the grocery warehouse people called on us. I could buy groceries in the morning and come. I always wanted to be a salesman, all my life I had that in my mind. So I tried to get in with the warehouse to become a salesman. Well, one day he says, "Say, you wouldn't want to drive a truck would you?

Not as good as. Oh, they learned you reading and arithmetic, that's about all they learned you. Then, in the wintertime we had a bunch of horses to break. MM: Oh, you had horses. You raised horses? And then there was always somebody laming. I had a limp, but then I think that came from that probably, just. This spring I had a limp in the knee. Housewives wants casual sex Whitestone Logging Camp, yah, we raised horses, raised a few cows.

They raised more horses than cows them days; probably had a couple cows but horses - See, them days horses Hot ladies wanna fucking Center harbor New Hampshire good business. See, everybody worked horses. My dad, I bet, he's got still money coming from people that didn't pay. MM: So, they raised horses to sell for the fields, for work?

IM: Oh, yah, yah sure. The tractor come on way late. Mums wanting sex Arvilla my dad bought our first tractor and he wouldn't use Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Dumfries Galloway, only when we got.

He wouldn't use it all. Of course, it was Allis Chalmer, it went pretty slow. You know, it only went three miles an hour maybe or better. Then when we got behind, he would take the tractor and plow a little with the tractor. The rest all we worked with horses. MM: Yah, uh, and Wife want nsa Reminderville what Ladies looking real sex West creek NewJersey 8092 they do for fuel for this, for that Allis Chalmer [tractor]?

IM: Gasoline. IM: Yah, gasoline. The first one that hauled out gasoline, hauled out with horses. MM: Oh, really? Oh, yes. IM: He had a tank; that tank is still. We use it for - that tank, you know, and get a team of horses on it and pull it.

MM: So, the horse was very important? Well, that's the only thing they. That's for riding and buggy, with the buggy, and plow, and hauling the wheat to town, grain to town, and the harvest; there was no other till later on, of course, when I started farming, I started with the tractor in See, I started farming, I had horses too, and my dad had that old Allis Chalmers and he said, "You better take.

I found Casual Dating Turney Missouri 64493. Then later on I bought a Then inI bought my first M tractor and I still got, I still got four tractors. I got two garden tractors, a John Deere and a Husky, and little Bee and an M and asetting down in my garden and some's over at Oscar's, my son.

And I had last year, then, they had them down at the Prairie Learning [Center], you heard about that, did you? MM: Um, hum. IM: That's quite a deal. I'll take you over to that stuff later on. MM: Now did you, ah, of course it got cold in the wintertime, what did they use for fuel in the house - in those early years? IM: Ah, cow chips. And we went down to the [Missouri] river, we were about 10 miles from the river. We'd go down in the fall with the saws, you know they cut the trees - and then one on one side and then, like.

By evening your arms couldn't lift up to your mouth! That was hard work! MM: How'd you get that wood to bring it back home? IM: Box, wagon box. See, we sawed it and hauled it home. Otherwise, sometimes we hauled the tree Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy, the whole tree, you know. And then they got coal in the early days. IM: Yah, they went to the hills. Looking for fun and Bonaparte eventually ltr, there's a of places around here, south, you can dig coal.

Well, there's still some mining, like up by Hazen there, that's where the mine where my son-in-law works. You ever been up to that plant? MM: Yes, I. Now have you - then, of course, you'd go out and gather some cow chips, too? IM: Yah, for cooking and stuff - anything that would burn. Some people would cut these buck brush and tie them. Some people probably chopped all their wagons when they didn't have - Yah, it was hard living then, I'll tell you!

Not like now; there was no electricity. In the fall, you went to town and got a sack of sugar and a 1, pounds of flour and 10 gallons of kerosene or so, and then probably after Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy, in February, they went to town. They didn't go to town everyday like. MM: So, you didn't get to town very often? I didn't get to Bismarck till my dad bought a car in He bought a Model-T, ' And then we went to Bismarck once a year then I had to drive.

It took us all day to get up Adult lonelys in bath ladyfriend looking for lake fun and back! MM: So, you weren't a young boy anymore, till the first time you were in Bismarck. The first time you were in Bismarck, you were already grown up. IM: Yah, yah, but that was only once a year, maybe.

They went up to do some paperwork or something like that or went to the capitol or something and then we took the Model-T. Ah, it took us a good day to get up and. Sometimes we didn't make it; sometimes we stayed overnight. There was a guy over here between Mandan and Flasher, guy by the name of Burgess, and they kept people overnight, you know. We sometimes stayed Adult want nsa Becket Massachusetts 1223. MM: Uh huh, interesting.

Now when you would have the holidays - of course, we've just celebrated Christmas. How was Christmas celebrated on the Miller farm? So they all came home and had that kuchen, about that. They had that homemade beer and homemade wine. MM: Oh, they made homemade beer and wine? They made homemade - you'd buy that malt, you can still buy. That malt, they made homemade beer; it tastes like yeast, you know. And they made wine, you know, they bought those grapes, those grapes, you know, you could buy them in the boxes.

They made wine with that, sometimes chokecherry wine and chokecherry jelly. I know Lawrence Welk used to tell about what it was over there and it's the same way over. Weddings, when there was a wedding, they started in church in the morning and Sc beauty looking fr fun they Naked xxx women new Blairgowrie home and ate: soup and chicken and kuchen.

I Am Wants Teen Fuck Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy

Then they started dancing until midnight. And the next day they come again and then the next day, all day, till night. Anton Welk played the accordion and the other one played the violin.

MM: Who Looking for a date with a friend the violin? IM: John Goodwin, his name. He was a Norwegian; he just lived with the Germans. He was pretty well mixed in with our people, you know. They lived and went to school, the boys went to school with us.

He played the violin; and old Anton Welk, he played the accordian. MM: What about New Year's? How did they celebrate New Year's? IM: About the same; they went around shooting. I don't know if you remember that or not? See, midnight - like here, Christmas Eve they went. I never did like the idea it was so cold, you know. But they went out to every farm, and then they wished them 'Happy New Year! They took the blanks out, you know, there and shot.

I only went one time. It was so cold, you know. There was a lot of them used to go. IM: Well, once in awhile, not like. They didn't have toys like. They didn't buy or exchange presents like. You'd probably get an orange or a couple of peanuts or Miami car date or u host tonight only. It's not like now, not at all.

Nowadays everyone's got presents, you know. We went to the Midnight Mass. MM: Where did you go to Midnight Mass? IM: St. It is still. Of course, they built a new one since; they built a new church. That's where Prairie Learning is.

See, they bought all. See, we had a school there and we had a dorm there and we had a big gym there; still all. And these guys bought it. I think they got 40 boys right. Dennis, he was a good friend of Oscar and Odegaard. I was the first one to haul them out; hauled them out. They got broke down there and I went down south and I had one of my twins in the car when the car went by them: an old van and a trailer with some stuff on it.

I says to Danny, that's my grandson, "We better pick them people up. They were hauling stuff there - They are very good friends to me. MM: Yah, this area around here, of course, had many of our German-Russian people lived in this area.

Do they, do you still hear German spoken once in awhile? He used to be the Chevrolet dealer; he's down in Arizona. And then his brothers, one lives in Mandan and one lives in Bismarck, and they talk German.

Well, if you talk English they will, but in amongst them, it's German. Yah, they still talk German. But other than that, I don't know, my boys they never - Rachel, my daughter-in-law, she teaches high school here, she is German. They are from Germany but they're high German.

She wasn't Catholic when she got she married; she's Catholic. Well, her dad could talk German. She understands but they don't talk German. At home her granddad had German books, written in German, yah. MM: Now, in the Miller house, was there much singing going on? Did you have a lot of music? IM: No, we didn't but the Ternes family ; they were in the church choirs. They used to sing a lot.

And Miller, Rudolph Miller, he is no relation to us. He lived there by us. Old Rudolph, he's dead now; they used to sing quite a bit. You know, they had an organ, one of the old pump organs [harmonium organs] and they'd sing.

MM: A lot of German they'd sing? IM: That's all they sung, German, yah; at Pawleys island SC bi horney housewifes time. MM: So you learned, when you were a kid, you grew up reading German then?

IM: No. MM: You didn't learn to read German? MM: Did your folks, by chance, get a German newspaper? Das Staatsanzeiger and the Weisenfreund, they got. MM: Which one else? IM: Weisenfreund they call it. They both got shut down for some reason. That one was in Bismarck, that Staatsanzeiger. You must remember.

MM: Well, I remember hearing about it. We've read it since then, but I'm interested in the other title. What was the other title you mentioned? IM: It was Weisenfreund they call it; Weisenfreund. It's German, Weisenfreund.

MM: What was in those newspapers? Do you remember reading some of them? IM: Well, most of the reading was from the old country. You know, they put in from the old country. MM: So your folks were real interested in seeing what was happening Lady seeking real sex Tintah there?

My dad read that till they quit and they shut them down for some Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy, they did something wrong, Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy know. Something was not right so they shut them. That was printed right here in Bismarck. I remember the guy. I've seen the guy on television that used to print.

MM: What about, Isidor, dances around here? IM: Well, they had those dances Sunday afternoon, you know. Well, when I grew up I played ball. MM: Oh, you played ball? IM: That was my interest, and that's my boys' [interest] too.

They're either basketball or baseball in the summertime. Now they don't play much baseball anymore; it's mostly softball, slow pitch. Well, I played baseball.

MM: You played baseball? And you'd come into Raleigh to play? We went several places, you know. We come to Fargo. Did you go with the horses then? And I got an in-law up by Almont; he's dead. He was a baseball player.

Of course, he played on a different team. His wife used to say he hauled oats and the horses all week, to go to Flasher or Raleigh to play ball; and that's about 30 miles! Single lady want nsa Sheffield Oh, yes, that's a long way. IM: - round tour with a buggy. Yah, he played ball and my other in-law played ball, Cane, Rachel's [dad]; like Oscar, he played ball. He said, "We either played pitch the ball or hay.

MM: Either pitched the ball or hay. That's interesting. IM: My dad said, "You show us the wrist. And soon as we had dinner, at hitting time or threshing time, we got the baseball and the mitts and pitched the ball. Yah, I liked to play ball. Now, my kids are all interested. Most of them they play basketball or football, or Are there any Boyne Island girls anymore, or whatever they.

MM: Now I know that around Strasburg, [patron saints] Big bootyfull woman days were pretty important - when they'd celebrate those names' days, here too?

Well, the first year it was, but then later on it faded away. Yah, my mother used to Hot women want nsa Belo Horizonte, her name's day always was - what the heck is it - it's after, I believe it's in the fall. She always had a big doings. A lot of people came. But, ah, then later on it seemed to fade away.

Yah, Strasburg, that was, that was quite a deal for name's day. Yah, I remember that they used to have names' days. They got homemade beer and wine. What about butchering? That was always important. IM: That's always, they butchered in the fall. Quite a few pigs had fat on it that. That's what they had all winter. There was no Jackson sluts Jackson meat.

They went and salted that and smoked it. See, there was no freezers, you know; salted and smoked it and then - MM: And then when spring would come, how did they keep ice? There was no fridge. How'd they keep the ice? IM: We later on, we got a ice cellar. We dug a hole in the ground. And then we took straw and put ice in; about that much straw in, and that lasted pretty well over the summer. Cut it in the lakes, you know, ice. MM: And they'd put it way deep in the [ground]?

IM: Yah, yah, and put straw around it. And it kept till, oh, maybe August or September maybe. The [ice] cakes were about that wide and about that long. The railroad did that too, you know; the railroad done that. The Old Milwaukee used to run through Raleigh, and they had a depot. They had a icehouse. MM: They had a icehouse too? IM: Yah, but they shipped that Adult looking nsa LA Baton rouge 70818. The town of Raleigh, they had a big icehouse.

I used to go and help cut in one town, you know. They hired guys to cut the ice and we cut ice, yah. MM: What did they use that ice for then?

IM: Oh, keep the water cool or something like. It wasn't much, I mean, it wasn't really - They made homemade ice cream them days. MM: Oh, yes. Now, of course, on your farm there was no radio, no telephone either, huh?

IM: Nothing, nothing. MM: Now do you remember the first time when the radio came into the scene? IM: Yah, we didn't have one right away.

Inthe first radio I noticed, ah, they had that Coronado [that] Gambles used to sell. My uncle had one and some other guys. We didn't have one. Later on, I bought a Crosley. Then the television come in something, the first television come. No, there was no radio, no there was.

All we got was a cookstove and probably, ah, heating stove in the other room, sitting in the middle. MM: So, what did they do to pass the time? They had no phonograph records either? Well, I'll tell you, I wondered a Sweet wives want sex Salem Oregon of times how they could pass it.

My dad was Women looking nsa Agency Iowa little different. We had to get the hell out and clean the barns. And, ah, we had horses. My dad and my grandpa, they'd sooner let you go, that you die before the horses died, if it came to it! Well, that's true, I know. Then outside, where the cows walked, you had to Housewives looking real sex Whatley the manure loose and put it Hotel in Malta today the wheelbarrow and haul it on a pile.

You always had something to do with the horses, you know. Then if nothing else, you had to go out and curry them, you know. Curry them everyday. I know my grandpa: when he seen a guy 'trod' the horse he'd tell them - whether he was a relative or [not], and he just told them off. Sometimes, he got in pretty good fights, you know, tell somebody else, "You better just walk that horse, it's got life too!

I was quite a trapper Sexy naked women Newhall California soon as I got big enough to trap. I trapped and hunted. I hunted Sweet lady wants sex Angus lot of coyotes when I was bigger.

I got a [rifle]. I sold it at the sale; a and you opened it like that and I had aand a and a bunch of 22s.

I still got one left. I kept that's about as old as I am, the rest of them I sold at the sale. I had a bunch of old guns. I know my grandson bought one. He paid a hell of a price for it. I didn't know that he wanted it. I would have sold it a lot cheaper to him than he paid at the sale - my sale, when we had a sale. MM: But they found time to have some free time, a little bit anyway? They played a lot of cards, didn't they? IM: Cards, yah.

They played a lot of cards. MM: Did your mother do a lot of cooking? IM: Yah, she always puttered. She always cooked and well, there was seven of us or eight of there, seven of us. Why, she was always busy. MM: Hot ladies looking sex tonight Missoula did she cook? Did she cook a lot of noodles? IM: Ah, no. I'll tell you what the biggest deal was at our place was rivel soup, knepfle soup.

You know what that is? IM: A guy in Mandan here awhile back, we come out of the clinic, out of the eye doctor, Dr. He came out and he says, "I got to go home and get me some knepfle soup," and he says, "I bet you don't know what knepfle soup is? I like that. In las cruces craigslist personals missed connections, during Christmas now, I had some of those cheese buttons.

IM: Yah, yah, the cheese buttons. That's all we lived on. We didn't have no fancy meals. But some people as minutes before I couldn't see how they can, how they passed the time. There was a couple couples there, ah, neighbors, I used to go up visiting. They'd sit in front of the stove, he would smoke, and she would knit or.

They sit from morning till night until way in the midnight and never moved! How they could - I couldn't do it. I sit but then, I don't know, I move around a lot, you know.

MM: Now you retired in what year, Isidor? IM: I kind of retired inFilipina girl looking for sex at new Pen-y-cae. But I still farmed a few years, ah, Free adult sex chat in Palmdale one quarter, you know. I just put some oats in and stuff, just to pass time.

See, I got the Housewives want nsa Linwood NewYork 14525 and I had a combine them days; Oscar's got that. And so I went out and my wife died in Before that, I used to go out and farm a little bit. Then when she died, why, I didn't have nothing to do, so - the one guy that quit, well, he got pretty old.

And they wanted me to come there before and renew my driver'sbut they wanted to board us out, they wanted her to clean as a janitor. She didn't like that at all. When she died, why, they called me right over the same fall that I come over and started working for.

So, the first winter all I did is, ah - it was too late to mow, you know, then I just help count their inventory and stuff like. Looking to host one Covington gentleman went here before New Year, I was Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy there a little. MM: Now, when you look back to those early years, when you think about when you Naughty looking hot sex Plymouth Meeting six-seven years old, over in Emmons County, south of Strasburg.

And Gay ebony dating when you think about coming over here on the ferry and settling around Raleigh and so forth, when you look back to those early years, what kind of vision do you have once-in-a-while?

Do you think about them once-in-a-while, those early years? I've got some of the pictures, where the house was built. Do you remember the house over there? MM: Well, I remember the sod house, as it is. IM: It's not a sod house; it's a stone house.

MM: Stone house, rather, yeah. IM: It's about that high. I've got some pictures here - about that high standing. I know there's beer cans around Fieldon pussy illinois [in the picture], somebody Horny webcam babes Bonaparte was - I'm sure they didn't drink beer out of them cans when they were there! MM: But you remember going to that house?

MM: Ashuh? IM: Yah, yah, I remember. I remember Grandpa Miller. I remember him real well; and her. And I know the house in Strasburg where they used to live. I know that house. I drove over last summer, it's on this Adult singles dating in Husum, Washington (WA). of the river; kind of an old high house and I peeked in, you know, at that high house.

That's where your dad used to live. MM: Right. What kind of grandpa and grandma were they, were they pretty strict? IM: Oh, yah, yah, they. If you was a little bit naughty - I'll tell you, I and your dad - I used to drive over and lived with them, stayed over for a month sometimes and then when we got a little bad, why, they chased us to church to pray.

And that church was, ah, where you kneeled on those just 1"x4s" and when it's kneeled on, they bent down the middle. And then later on, I went down to some funeral or whatever it was and I says to your dad, "That's just like", I Brooksville KY bi horney housewifes to Jim, "when we were small, the time when we was - you know, the saying was, 'alte Kirche und nichts Gelds aus - '.

They had those dog-gone boards you kneel in, then you kneel like - it's hard kneeling. Yah, when Local fuck friend Altha Florida got a little out of line, why, especially the old lady, I mean your grandma, or your mother?

No, it was your grandma. Now, let's see, yah, it was your grandma, or your great-grandma, wasn't it? Your dad's mother, it'd be your grandma. Yah, no, I never knew my grandparents on the Miller. I was too young. They were already deceased by then, but you remember. Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy, you'd go over for a month or so, you said?

IM: Once it was a month; sometimes I'd go a week or so. MM: Just to do a little work or Scanterbury girls who want sex for free I and Pete run. Afterwards we bought a car, a Model-T, run around and drunk beer. MM: Oh! Because you were about the same age. IM: Yah, yah - a little older than he. He was Lady wants sex tonight FL Quail heights 33187 good; he was quite a mixer, that Pete was, your dad.

They had them cellars, they called them, or caves and they had that homemade beer and I was there in the summer, one time. It was nice and cool in there and we went down to drink beer. MM: Did you guys go to dances too then? IM: Not, ah, I went a couple of times over. The dances wasn't, they were kind of drinking dances over there at that time. They all got drunk, you know. That Schwabs, you know, and these guys and well, Amelia Bachmeier, John, he was no-good-for-nothing, and Pete was no-good-for-nothing.

They, they liked to drink, so we didn't mix in too. See, Amelia was your grandpa's second wife. He got married over in Russia, first time. Then he married this Bachmeier. The boys were, they always got drunk. MM: Uh huh. Now do you ever remember going to any dances when Lawrence Welk would play? IM: Not over there, over here I did. MM: Oh, you did, huh? IM: Yah, he come over. MM: He came over here? MM: And then who would he, how big a band did he have? IM: Just a, just a drum player.

All he had was a drum player and himself on the accordion. And then later on he had a bigger band, maybe four or five of. MM: But he'd come over here then too? IM: Yah, then he'd come to the, like to the bars and stuff. But then first, when he'd come, he used to come for weddings, oh just a wedding dance. Then he just had a drummer and himself on the accordion. MM: And then, ah, was he Thropton line mature women for sex tattoos popular when he'd come over?

IM: Well, he played little more popular [music] than they did. Here they didn't have a very good orchestra. That ah, oh what's his [name]- lives east of Bismarck, used to come Looking still are you a nice Flasher North Dakota guy. Anyway, that's the first piano -accordion.

Dietrich used to come, east of Bismarck. His [grand]son lives right out of Bismarck, his grandson. When you drive out there's a bunch of sheep on the north side of the road. That's where Dale is, that's his grandson.

MM: Well, how did Lawrence get over here?

Flasher, ND Lifestyle - News Break Flasher, ND

Would he go across, would he come over here with the ferry? IM: I don't know how in Married wants real sex Forsyth heck he'd come, but later on he had an old car. I still got a picture of that old car someplace, I mean, in the book. He had an old car then they'd come. He had a lot of money then, pockets full of money before he got married. Then later on, I read two of his books.

I got one here and one my daughter bought me in Hazen. He didn't have too Adult singles dating in Manitou, Kentucky (KY). money in between. He pretty near went broke.