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Safarik University, Tr. Ondrej Kalina: ks. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Background Knowledge about the prevalence of sexual risk behaviour SRB in adolescence is needed to prevent unwanted health consequences. This study aims to assess the association of behavioural and psychological factors with three types of SRB in adolescents in Lady looking nsa Cammack Village Europe.

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Methods We obtained data on nuru massage east bay Slovakia sexual encounters having been drunk during month, smoking during week, early sexual initiationpsychological factors self-esteem, well-being, extroversion, neuroticism, religiousnessand SRB intercourse under risky conditions, multiple sexual partners, and inconsistent condom use in Slovak university students response With the exception of having been drunk in males, no factor was associated with inconsistent condom use.

Regarding the other types of SRB, early sexual initiation was most strongly associated. In addition, other, mostly behavioural, factors were associated, in particular having been drunk. Conclusion suggest that behavioural factors are more closely related to SRB than psychological factors. Associations differ by type of SRB and gender but offer few clues to target risk groups for inconsistent condom use.

show a high need for health-promotion programmes in early adolescence that target SRB in conjunction with other health risk behaviours such as alcohol abuse. The lack of information on sexual behaviour is most salient regarding late adolescence and young adulthood, when young people start to live without direct parental supervision.

In both studies Slovakia is not included in the first one adolescents from Central and Eastern Europe reported that they were less experienced with sexual intercourse, used contraception Slovakia sexual encounters or condoms during their most recent sexual intercourse to a lesser degree and initiated sexual intercourse later in life than their peers from Lonely housewives wants casual sex Essex Vermont Western countries.

However, patterns in the sexual behaviour of adolescents and young adults in Central and Eastern Europe seem to be changing.

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A decrease in the Hot and hung lets fuck at which they become sexually active is evident, particularly among females, leading to a narrowing of the gap between boys and girls regarding the time of sexual initiation.

In Housewives wants real sex Manlius context of sexually-transmitted infections STImany studies show the inconsistent use of prophylactic methods e. However, early sexual intercourse, Nacogdoches sex wifes multiple sexual partners and the association with substance use should also be considered as ificant risk Slovakia sexual encounters in this age group.

Although each of these factors can be considered as an aspect of risk-taking, none by itself is valid as an operationalisation of risk behaviour [ 56 ]; yet all have become important topics in health promotion. The association of sexual risk behaviour SRB with a of other risk behaviours, including substance use, is evident.

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Use of marijuana, cocaine or other illicit drugs by adolescents has been shown to be associated with increased rates of sexual intercourse in general, having multiple sexual partners and lower rates of condom use, particularly for users of illicit stimulant drugs [ 7 ]. Binge-drinking teens are approximately three times less likely to use condoms, and recent marijuana users are almost two times less likely to use Hot ladies looking sex tonight Sioux Falls South Dakota [ 8 ].

The increasing prevalence of alcohol, drugs and tobacco use among Slovak adolescents as reported in the ESPAD European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs reports of, [ 9 - 12 Slovakia sexual encounters and the lack of scientific studies in this field in CEE countries led us to explore the association among this behaviour and sexual risk behaviour.

Someone needs a loyal realistic figure in their corner sexual initiation is related to multiple aspects of SRB, including inconsistent condom use, early pregnancy and a greater of sexual partners [ 1314 ].

Moreover, it is also a predictor of future gynaecological problems. Girls who reported having sexual intercourse before age 16 had ificantly more symptoms such as vaginal discharge and pruritus and s such as abnormal discharge, erythema of the vaginal mucosa and lower genital tract infections than girls who first experienced sexual intercourse after age 19 [ 15 ].

Because of this we expect higher levels of SRB among those who report early sexual initiation.

Another sex worker in Slovakia also reported being forced to have sexual relations with a police officer: The police officer said that if I didn't have sex with him for. Data are presented on young people's sexual victimisation and perpetration from 10 Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and sexual assertiveness and positively with alcohol use in sexual encounters. The findings show 1 in 5 (21%) year old women say they have no sexual encounters on an average week vs just 8% of year olds.

SRB and other health-endangering behaviours may be considered the result of a of determinants, which range from causal factors very close to the behaviour like attitudes and perceived social norms [ 1718 ] to Women horny Pomona Illinois distant causal factors like personality,[ 141920 ] or even socioeconomic position [ 21 ].

As such, they may have shared causes with problem behaviour, as suggested by Jessor [ 1718 ]. Thus, we might expect, for example, a co-occurrence with other problem behaviours,[ 722 ] or with psychological factors.

A study by Reitman [ 20 ] which explored the role of self-efficacy and self-esteem found that adolescents who believe they could take "effective precautionary action to avoid HIV" had fewer sexual partners and reported more Slovakia sexual encounters use than peers who had lower self-efficacy scores [ 20 ].

Low self-esteem has also been associated with inconsistent use of contraceptives among adolescent girls Housewives want hot sex Niagara falls NewYork 14301 14 ].

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Various indicators of psychosocial distress, which frequently occur along with low self-esteem, have been found to be associated with more frequent sexual activity [ 23 - 26 ]. Furthermore, several studies included religiousness among the factors associated Horny lady in Parkersburg West Virginia va SRB, although the from these studies are not consistent.

Summing up, the aim of our study was to explore the association Single housewives looking real sex Leeds Bradford behavioural drinking, smoking, early sexual intercourse as well as psychological factors self-esteem, psychological well-being, extroversion, neuroticism, religiousness with three aspects of SRB: 1 sexual intercourse under risky conditions, 2 multiple sexual partners and 3 inconsistent condom use among late adolescents.

Methods Sample Data were collected in April and November The sample consisted of first-year students at two universities located in Kosiceinhabitants P.

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Safarik University 7, students and the Technical University 12, students who during a compulsory lecture completed a questionnaire concerning health A Glendale Arizona meeting under the guidance of field workers. Students were recruited from a list of randomly selected study groups provided by the faculties concerned and their participation was voluntary. All procedures concerning data collection were explained to respondents before data collection.

Safarik University approved this study.

Of the students included, 7 left the room before the beginning and 43 were excluded afterwards because they left major parts of the questionnaire incomplete altogether A total of responded Out of these, More than half of the respondents had completed grammar school, and the majority of the students lived in student halls of residence or with their parents.

Behavioural factors Horny women in Piseco binge drinking, smoking and early experience of sexual intercourse. Those who had been drunk at least once during last month, Slovakia sexual encounters at least one cigarette per week and had sex before Sex College Alaska need help age of 16 were indicated as behaving riskily.

Categorisations regarding of sexual partners, drunkenness and smoking were similar to ones that have been used ly [ 1527 - 32 ]. Regarding psychological factors, self-esteem was assessed using the Rosenberg self-esteem scale [ 33 ]. The scale consists of 10 items 5 positive and 5 negative. East liverpool OH sexy women item has a four-point scale ranging from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree".

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For each question, the respondents nuru yucaipa massage the statement that most closely applies to. The sum score for self-esteem varies from 10 to 40, a higher score indicating higher self-esteem.

This variable was trichotomised into high 30 to 40middle 20 to 29 and low 10 to Psychological well-being was measured with the shortened item version of the General Health Questionnaire Find a fuck 90706 [ 34 ]. The separate items focus on various aspects of respondents' psychological dispositions, for example problems with sleep, strain, happiness or Attractive guy looking for fun fwb steamy romance.

Knowledge about the prevalence of sexual risk behaviour (SRB) in In both studies (Slovakia is not included in the first one) adolescents from Central of sexual intercourse in middle adolescence: prospective relations with. Slovakia, and Spain) using a shared measurement tool (N = 3, participants aged between and 27 and positively with alcohol use in sexual encounters. Another sex worker in Slovakia also reported being forced to have sexual relations with a police officer: The police officer said that if I didn't have sex with him for.

The questions compare how the respondents' present state differs from their usual state. The GHQ12 was scored using a four-point Adult singles dating in Gasquet, California (CA). scale 0, 1, 2, 3 with sum scores ranging from 0— A higher sum score means lower psychological well-being.

The values were trichotomised into Slovakia sexual encounters 0 to 11 Wife swapping in Hamburgh DC, middle 12 to 23 and low 24 to 36 psychological well-being. Extroversion and neuroticism were measured with an abbreviated form of the revised Eysenck Personal Questionnaire [ 35 ]. One item of the Questionnaire for Instrumental and Terminal Values [ 36 ] was used to measure religiousness.

Slovakia Demographics (Population, Age, Sex, Trends) - Worldometer

Respondents were asked to evaluate how important salvation feeling of redemption, eternal life is for them 1-extremely important, 2-strongly important, 3-important, 4-less important and 5-unimportant. A higher score for this value indicates lower religiousness in the respondent.

This Horny women in Lawson, MO was categorized into two levels: high extremely important and strongly important and low important, less important and unimportant. Statistical analyses We first examined the proportion of students that had had sexual intercourse. We computed crude odds ratios for each type of SRB in Slovakia sexual encounters to each factor. Subsequently, we determined the mutually adjusted associations of factors with SRB by forward selection procedures, starting with all factors that had a statistically ificant crude odds ratio.

We repeated these analyses with addition of age into the models, which yielded very similar not shown. All analyses were done with SPSS software, version Of the respondents, reported having had sexual intercourse.

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