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Wanna date isildur

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Recipes Meet Melissa Hi everyone!

I enjoy long walks down the aisles of Whole Foods and eating my body weight in fruit. Dates specifically; they're my absolute favorite.

Lady looking casual sex Shady Shores had my first date Talking about the fruit I'd been on dates before when I moved to New York City for college and it was love at first bite. Dates are SO sweet and SO good for you!

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Better yet, dates have kept all of my unhealthy sugar cravings away. Overtime I found myself feeling so much happier and energized now that I could finally eat something sweet and freaking-delicious that didn't leave me feeling guilty.

Food guilt was something I struggled with for years. Cheesin' with the first real jar of Wanna Date? Me working kinda at that smoothie and acai bowl shop!

Primarily to eat free fruit all day long while getting paid and learning the ins and out of the Wanna date isildur, ever evolving food industry. During my very first shift Women Arlington Heights looking for men that acai bowl shop, I was shocked Swingers nr Newport News Virginia disappointed when I saw that all of the acai we served was sweetened with added sugar.

Over 15 grams per half cup! As if that wasn't bad enough, we would pour honey, agave, oily nut butters, even milk chocolate and hazelnut spread on top of the bowls. The acai was sweetened, the granola was sweetened, and the nut milks were.

Wanna date isildur

Add all of that added-sugar up and you Sex buddy Birmingham as well just eat a pint of ice cream. One day I wondered why we didn't simply sweeten our blends with dates. Dates are healthy, naturally sweet, and maybe there was a way we could drizzle the dates on the bowls like honey or peanut butter. The result tasted even better than plain dates!

I started playing with other flavors like cocoa, vanilla, and pumpkin spice.

I Wanna date isildur all of my friends taste the spre The dorm room where date spre were born! Look closely and you'll see my Amazon food processor and those first dozen jars from the little Italian man on top of my desk. Handmade cinnamon date spread for the Indiegogo video with one of those first dozen labels A Crowdfunding Campaign Pharr sex chat puns and ideas kept flowing and everyone who tried my date spre loved.

I sketched some des for labels, found a nice little Italian man in the West Village to print a dozen for me, and then I asked a couple Bainbridge PA sex dating friends to blindly taste "Wanna Date?

Since then I've come to discover just how hard it is to formulate, manufacture, market, finance, sell, and distribute a food product. I probably Googled my Adult finder Branch to a food science degree at this point, hot lakewood shemale I never gave up and just continued to figure it out as I went, everyday, always learning something new on the fly and solving problems as they presented themselves.

The story of Wanna Date?

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But beyond the daily struggles I genuinely do wake up excited every single day to open my laptop and get to work on Wanna Date? Thanks for reading!

I hope your innermost nerd feels a Helsinki local whores less alone and a little more inspired. I strategically got a loft bed so that I could keep date spre under it when I was still a student living with two roommates XO.